Our Opinions…

All of us have varied opinions on the issue of genetic modification on babies.



Emily, Isabelle, and Jess all believe that the genetic modification of babies should only be reserved for the prevention of serious genetic disorders. Requests for genetic modification should be situation based- and superficial reasoning such as wanting a “prettier baby” are not acceptable reasons to partake in genetic modification on an embryo. Katie believes that the genetic modification of an embryo is completely okay as long as the parents can afford the procedure, it is a personal decision that must be made among the family regardless of the situation.


HOW THIS EFFECTS US: Because the technology for genetic modification is so close to being perfected, during our lifetimes this procedure will without a doubt become reality. This could become an option for all of us if we decide to have children. We will have to make a choice on whether we are going to keep our children the way they are “meant to be”, or if we are going to alter them to be more “sufficient”, or less likely to inherit our more negative traits. Whether we do or do not decide to genetically alter our children (if the procedure is deemed ethical, safe, and legalized) we will be exposed to children who could possible be almost “superhuman” or perfected to the ideal appearance, intelligence, athletic abilities, etc. We realize that this may create a gap between our children, and normal or modified children.





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