Emily Barnard, Jess Schrading, Katie Fluornoy and Isabelle Brown’s “Ethics” Honors Chemistry project on “Designer Babies.”


3 responses to “About”

  1. Amanda Avagliano says :

    Your website was well organised and easy to read and understand. Although the idea and ability of being able to control the looks and gentic aspects of your children shows the incredible leap that technology has taken to improve. Also, I find it beneficial to be able to tell what, if any, genetic disordes your child would have. In this aspect, I would consider having my children take part in designer babies. Not to effect my opinions on them, but to be able to prepare myself and them for any future hardships. However, I find the idea of someone making their children in accordance to their own wants, in terms of hair and eye color, repulsive. Let nature take its course.

  2. Sylvia Edwards says :

    I understand where some doctors and parents are getting the idea of genetically modifying a baby, but I personally don’t see it as an option unless it was necessary. If the baby was suffering from a life-threatening disease and the parents had the option of genetic modification in order to save the baby’s life, then I wouldn’t see it as a problem, but when parents start to modify their baby to get a desired physical appearance, or have “the perfect baby,” then it gets a little out of hand. I believe that the parents should only be given the option if the baby has a disorder that can be cured through genetic modification.

  3. Marissa Zampino says :

    This website was awesome!! It was really informative! My opinion is that genetically modifying a baby is up to the parents. Personally, I would not do it to a baby, even if it has a disorder. It’s a difference of opinions and is up to the parents. However, if the parent is going to get the baby genetically modified just for the hell of it to make it like Superman, then no way man!

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