So, what ARE “Designer Babies?”


“Designer babies” or  inheritable genetic modification refers to children that have been genetically engineered in the womb to have certain desired qualities. During a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis or embryo screening, a scientist would be able to tell what physical characteristics a child will grow to have; as well as whether or not this child is at risk of developing or will develop genetic disorders such as autism, down syndrome, Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s and many other disorders such as these. Designer babies are generally made through in-vitro fertilization where the embryo is removed from a women and is manipulated in a lab to have certain desired qualities and then placed into a females womb to finish development.

Scientists have found ways to genetically alter human gametes, zygotes, or embryos to be able to lower a child’s’ risk of developing many disorders and illnesses, as well as being able to dictate gender, hair and eye color, height, athletic ability, intelligence and other qualities. Since this technology has been developed some people use this process to have children that will be an exact match to an older sibling who is terminally ill. This way there is always someone who can donate organs, blood, bone marrow and other such body parts. As technology develops people begin to find many new ways this discovery can be used.

10 responses to “So, what ARE “Designer Babies?””

  1. JTC says :

    Excellent job on the website. Tim cook approves.

  2. Captain Swag of the Swagswag Clan says :

    holla holla @ me

  3. Wilhemina Kennedy says :

    In my opinion, this website is well laid out and extremely informational. I entered with a general idea of what designer babies were and ended up learning a lot as I read on. For example, I was not aware that a “third parent” is involved in the process and that the embryo has three sets of genes. Personally, I believe that any interference with natural birth is unethical and by partaking in designing your own baby you are trying to be your own God. For the reasonable uses such as preventing diseases like autism, down syndrome, Huntington’s disease, and Alzheimer’s, I think that the ethical issue can be overlooked a bit. However, the line is drawn once optimistic parents look to create their “perfect” child.

  4. Kerri Roman says :

    This website is extremely informational. I had no idea about designer babies. I knew there was a process like it, but I had no idea that it was possible to choose the gender of your baby, or create your baby to be athletic and intelligenet. I believe designer babies are an ethical problem. Parents shouldn’t have the power to create their own child they should raise their child the old fasion way… by parenting.

  5. Gerson Miguel says :

    Overall the website is very well designed and visually attractive. Before seeing this website I knew very little of “designer babies”. At first I believed there was only personal gain from creating a designer baby. After reading the articles in the website I soon learned that designer babies can have the ability to save siblings or other family member. Another pro that I read from the articles is that we may be able to remove any genetic disorder from the baby, for example down syndrome. In conclusion this website really opened up my eyes to the glory of modern science.

  6. Cornelius Muntazar says :

    I did not know anything about designer babies. This website was very informational and very helpful in understanding what designer babies are. I believe that designer babies are not ethical. I didn’t know that one could choose what traits they wanted in their babies. I knew you could choose what sex you wanted for your child, but choosing if your child is intelligent or athletic is pretty crazy. Though it may be useful in stopping disease’s, it is not right. People should accept their children the way they are and should not have to genetically change them. There could be many flaws during the procedure too, especially since it is brand new. Creating these designer babies would be like creating something that wasn’t meant to be born, and soon enough these designer babies would be used in wars, and other things. There are many positives, but overall I believe designer babies are unethical.

  7. Salina Kuo says :

    I knew doctors were now somehow able to modify embryos when the risk of genetic disorders were present. If in that situation I would definitely want my doctor to do what they could to lower the chances of my baby being born with a genetic disorder, but at the same time I would be worried about the outcome, seeing as this could no way be a hundred percent safe. So, I find it hard to believe that some parents would consider having the procedure done to change things like gender, eye color, or athletic ability. Children should be loved despite their appearance, and the idea of “designer babies” for reasons other than to help a child’s health seems like creating a Sims character. It’s unnecessary.

  8. Rafid Mollah says :

    This a really great, and informative website on designer babies. Before I came to this website, I had only general information on the topic, but after coming to the website, I understand a lot more about designer babies. To me it is morally wrong to give specific traits, such as blonde hair, green eyes, to babies because it feels like the parents are denying what their child really is. However, having the power to remove certain diseases like down syndrome, huntington’s disease, and other diseases is really great and I believe that the idea of designing your on baby is ok if it’s for reasons such as disease, and deficiency prevention.

  9. Momtahina Afrin says :

    This website was well organized, informative, and to-the-point. I’ve read a book about a “genetically” designed baby who was designed to match the bone marrow of her older sister who had cancer. The younger sister grew up feeling like she was used and felt like she was only put on this earth to save her sister. I feel like that would be a classic case for a household with a child designed to help an older sibling. Anyway, it’s crazy to think what science can control. Some things just should not be messed with, and that includes birth. To think that someday in the future people can choose the way they want their children, and even pick their athletic abilities is just absurd, unnatural, and unethical. I know some people have the right reasons to want to have genetically modified children, but it seems like if the option was out there, people would still be able to get designer babies for the wrong reasons. Things like birth and the life of a child should really remain natural and people should just let faith do its job.

  10. Angelie Tolentino says :

    To be honest, I really like this site. It has all the information needed and presents the pros and cons of designer babies equally. I feel kind of mixed on this issue too. I think it depends on what the parents’ purpose of designing their baby is. If they was to design their baby because of looks and traits that they desire their child to want, I don’t think they should be able to design their baby. But if the parents have genetic diseases running in their family, then I believe it could be an option of adjusting their baby’s genes. However, a parent should love their child in any shape or form they come out to be. Designing babies shouldn’t be needed in society. But it is, and could be an option for some parents.

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